It has been an interesting journey for cryptocurrencies since we launched BitcoinXRomania in 2015, at the time being the only bitcoin exchange in the country. We would like to thank our customers that have entrusted us in the infancy of our exchange and made this journey possible.

It is now time for BitcoinXRomania to enter adulthood and grow far beyond the virtual borders of our initial customer base. In order to better serve our international customers, we have decided to undergo a rebranding and are relaunching as “21 Main Street”.

“21 Main Street” will not only mark our global expansion but also our real-world expansion as the additional service offered is the “cashier” option, enabling “brick and mortar” stores / businesses to open their own real-world cryptocurrency exchange on our backbone, bringing in a new revenue stream to their business as well as a valuable add-on service to their customers.

21 main street logo

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